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A few things I’ve learned photographing at expos and conventions:

-Nakedness is being without a lanyard.

-Tattoos are more painful the closer you get to the crotch area.

-Why cheddar cheese is colored yellow.

-It’s important to share in the enchantment myth.

-Not to be disappointed that an imaginary world isn’t necessarily real.

-That scrap-bookers are the most frightening and paranoid people ever.

-The Puyallup fairgrounds were called "Camp Harmony" when used as internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII.

-It might have been a mistake for humanity to have switch to internal combustion engines rather than staying with steam technology—but maybe not, there’s also the dystopia of pollution from having to cut down forests to heat boilers.

-Make-up used on zombies and corpses is the best I’ve seen even after a career working on Miramax horror sequels.

-After a sex expo I never want to have sex again.

-If “Erotic” is in the title of any kind of convention, it will actually be the opposite.

-People who breed cats do not, on the whole, like other people nearly as much as they do their cats...cats who—this I didn’t think possible—resemble their breeders. I also learned that cats are not keen on strobe flashes and by the third strobe firing, they figure out what’s going on and give me, the source, the evil eye for playing Zeus.

-Names of cats (don’t think stripper names) written on model release forms:
Curlniques Defender of the Faith, Divinity Candy, Grand Premier, Secret little rendezvous, Cupid, Angel Paws, Mr. Kite of Coons’ Kin, I’m a Sleep Walker, Just Joey.

-A paper backdrop can be damaged by: children no one’s paying attention to falling backwards into it, breaking the restraining clip, and unspooling leaving only little feet sticking out...or by freak rainstorms at ren fairs.

-After a brief period of concern, till someone told me, I learned that model railroad expos have the largest percentage of people with Asperger’s...and buttons pinned to striped overalls...and striped overalls...

-Wearing a fake press pass printed off the internet is a good way to get into buildings and fairgrounds, and to get people to talk to me.

-People like to bring odd little dogs to a renaissance fair (sorry...faire), dogs that would never have survived the actual period as currently bread. Others bring huge f***ing snakes.

-Furries are the nicest people by far and most are eager to hug me after I take their photo.

-I learned at the hemp fest forget.

-Lastly, I learned that at conventions you can be who you really are.

(photo: SteamCon, Kay Schultz.)